bad dates (in rhyme)

I once went on a date
with a bloke who seemed pretty great.
But then came the time
to lay down the dime
and he disappeared out the gate.

Sometimes I like to go dancing,
with salsa or bachata blasting.
It was on one such a night,
that my dancing actually went right.

That night, I met a salsero
who was quite the charming fellow,
so we left the dancing venue
to go next door for a drink or two.

The conversation was going swell,
so as he was about to say farewell,
he asked to see me again
and I asked where and when.

We ended up meeting the very next day,
and again the time seemed to fly away.
The food and company were great–
it’s still on my list for very best date.

So you know that minute at the end of the night?
When someone should try for a kiss, right?
Well, instead, he seemed pretty harried…
til he admitted “I’m sorry… I’m married.”

I met a guy on 4th Ave.
Many a thing did we have
in common for us
to share and discuss
so pleasantly did we gab.

But then the evening got late,
so we both left the bar through the gate.
But with each turn right
I followed his flight.
He lived above me, in unit eight.

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