a nation in distress

I wrote this in high school. As usual, I was being a smartass, trying to cheat the system… I was combining two assignments into one piece: write a satire and write something in a form that you’ve never used before (rap). I’m going to preface this with: I

time travelling through music

Music is the soundtrack of my life. Play “Waka Waka” and BOOM I’m back in a bar in Leipzig. Although my classmates and friends surround me, everyone is frustrated. Die Mannschaft ended the first half of the semi-final without any goals. Spoiler alert: Spain won that year (2010). Someone


kirtan [ˈkɪrtɑn] – Origin: Sanskrit (कीर्तन) n.   a call-and-response chant performed in India’s devotional traditions n.   (Hinduism) devotional singing, usually accompanied by musical instruments My friend invited me to a kirtan last week. Not one to miss a chance at a new experience, I accepted. I knew it


I believe in chi, spirituality and the idea that everything is cyclical. All beings–humans, animals, plants, are inter-connected. A person can either look far away infinitely or deep inside infinitely and come to the same conclusions (because, again, cycles). All religions are paths that lead to a higher

bad dates (in rhyme)

1. I once went on a date with a bloke who seemed pretty great. But then came the time to lay down the dime and he disappeared out the gate. 2. Sometimes I like to go dancing, with salsa or bachata blasting. It was on one such a

good for a laugh

My friends and I went to a comedy show. The show itself was pretty terrible; none of us find racism, misogyny or homophobia at all entertaining. However, on the car ride home, we talked about what we thought was good comedy. For us, it comes from personal experiences


In 2013, I created a 30 before 30 list of things I wanted to accomplish in the following five years. On that list were things like: ride in the Tuesday Night Bike Ride for the first time, spend a day in Powell’s Books in Portland, buy an original

start somewhere

Welcome to klockodile.com! I’m torie klocko and I’m turning 30 this year. I have always enjoyed writing, but for as long as I’ve been able to admit that, I’ve also been inconsistent about practicing or creating a writing habit. Maybe it’s thanks to this transitional moment in my