first impressions

Instead of dwelling on all the wonderful things about Tucson that I’ll be missing, I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you about my first two days (and first impressions) of my new city, Phoenix.

My first meal after moving all my crap into the house was Harumi Sushi. I walked in and the hostess turned out to be someone I knew from Tucson. (I tell everyone, if you’ve ever lived in Tucson, this small-town thing follows you… it doesn’t matter that there are 800,000 people in Tucson proper, you will ALWAYS run into someone you know. For the rest of your life.)

I walked around the area at 9pm and man, this place is sterile. Well, at least this part of town is. Most places closed before 8pm. There are hardly any homeless folks about and no buskers at all. If you pass a dumpster, it doesn’t even smell like trash. What can I say… I like a little grit! 😉

After a trip to Target, I got home around 11pm and damn, this place retains heat like nobody’s business. It was still 95F (35C) at that time! All this concrete and metal keeps the average temps high and never gives anything the chance to cool down. Thankfully, my A/C cools my space quickly and my house keeps in the cool air well.

Sunday was the World Cup final, so I made my way to a British pub. I arrived wearing a French Zidane kit only to find myself in a sea of Croatian fans. Haha! I still made friends with a rowdy group by talking a little smack and spent the game in good company. The Rose and Crown is a little gem and I’ll probably be back. It feels like a hooligan pub in London, so they must be doing something right.

My new friends from the game headed up to Old Town Scottsdale. At 11am, it felt like college row (Mill Ave in Tempe or 4th Ave in Tucson), but slightly older (recent grads up to mid-30s). This is definitely not my scene and I probably won’t be back too soon. I headed back to my place to return the U-Haul truck, get some groceries and continue unpacking.

Today, I decided to go on a cafe tour and what a great idea that has been! After a bit of unpacking and arranging furniture, I walked to the Bike Nomad Cafe. This is my place! It’s a cafe inside of a bike shop called the Velo. I’m definitely into it. It’s also near school, so I’ll be back!

The next stop was be Coffee + Food + Stuff, which is a really cool, industrial building with several other businesses, an eatery called the Dressing Room and some art inside. The owner walked around greeting people and it seems like the people who work there enjoy it, which speaks volumes for the business itself. I want to try the restaurant at some point.

Now, I’m sitting in Jobot Coffee, which resides under a high-rise apartment complex (blech). The customers seem to be pretty white-washed, but the people who work here are not. It’s a strange dichotomy that I notice a lot more these days. It’s not only a cafe, but taproom, ice cream shop and small musical venue as well. I don’t know that it’s my jam, but I’m glad I checked it out.

I hope I find my tribe and niche here.

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