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My friends and I went to a comedy show. The show itself was pretty terrible; none of us find racism, misogyny or homophobia at all entertaining. However, on the car ride home, we talked about what we thought was good comedy. For us, it comes from personal experiences that are either widely relatable or that present a bit of truth or astute observation about society. I realize that what people find funny is extremely subjective, but the four of us seemed to appreciate a similar brand of humor. To get our laugh requires quickwittedness, relatability, maybe a little self deprecation, but most of all, perceptive awareness–of society, of their own life and experiences, of their audience’s reactions and perhaps, of current events.

I should probably preface this next part with the fact that I laugh at ‘kindergarten jokes’. What does that even mean, torie? Here’s one:

– How did the muffin respond when the other muffin said “Hi”?

= Oh my gosh! It’s a talking muffin!!!

Yes, I have to admit that I laughed at that joke the first time I heard it. In my defense, that particular joke was in the delivery… of an 8 year old wisecrack.

This brings me to my point. Remember me saying something about using this blog to stop recycling other people’s work? Instead of critiquing the work of others*, I’m going to bring some of my own personal experiences to this blog for your laughing pleasure.

In the next post and maybe a few more in the future, I’m going to take a crack at creating the kind of comedy that my friends and I find funny. I’ve never attempted standup or anything, but perhaps you’ll find the occasion to laugh too!

*Although, like I said, I don’t see any room in the world for the hatred, mistreatment or denigration of others. Period.

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