imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome… I think this may turn out to be a common theme throughout the next 16 months. My classmates are seriously incredible. Many are out-of-the-box thinkers. Some have enormous hearts, with a passion to change the world. A number of them own or manage their own businesses or philanthropic organisations. Most are outliers and misfits. However, all of them are brilliant.

When the people with whom I spend 30 hours a week can be described like that, it’s no wonder I feel like an imposter, a pretender, among them. How have I contributed? What can I offer? Who am I? Why do I deserve to be here?

Have you struggled with feelings of inadequacy? Tell me about it.

[This topic warrants a legitimate post, but first, I need to dig into these thoughts and sit with them. I need to do a little more introspection before I report back.]

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