sick day

It’s been awhile since I last lived alone, or moved to a new city, or had to start over. I definitely enjoy the novelty of moving, but one thing that’s hard no matter your situation is being sick.

For the last 4.5 years, I’ve lived in the same city as my parents and sister. Even if I didn’t need or ask for their help, I knew I could always call for a lift to urgent care or for a quick trip for meds at the store.

A couple days ago, [I think] I had food poisoning and I had to do these things by myself. It takes at least ten times the effort just to get your sick butt out of bed and a hundred times more to get out into the world to accomplish seemingly mundane things. I made it to the grocery store, but there was no pharmacy and I couldn’t be in a car longer than 5 minutes. All I managed to buy was a box of Cheerios.

But, my dad’s favourite saying is “This too shall pass,” and pass it did.

I realised that I’m much more family-oriented than I thought and I mostly miss my sister. So today, I am sharing my gratitude for my pain-in-the-ass, smart, loving, opinionated, thoughtful little sister, April.

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